Systems Thinking and Flow Theory

Foundational role for Scrumban

Systems Thinking plays a foundational role in Scrumban because it provides a holistic approach to understanding and managing the complex interrelationships and dynamics within a project or organization. This approach is crucial in adapting and applying the principles of Scrum and Kanban effectively in various contexts.

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What is Scrumban?

Scrumban Unveiled

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Learning process

Facing the daunting challenge of Scrum feeling overwhelming or forced upon your team? Discover how Scrumban's step-by-step approach makes Scrum's introduction smoother and more engaging!

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Scrumban helping out Scrum

Step by step

An example of how Scrumban can be leveraged to help out the Scrum implementation.

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Debunking Myths about Scrumban

What is Scrumban NOT ?

Unfiortunately there are again many misconceptions about Scrumban. Let's debunk these existing myths!

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From Concept to Cornerstone: The Evolutionary Journey of Scrumban Through Time

A timeline describing the different episodes, which are important to understand how Scrumban evolved.

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