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Coaching in agile transformations & mindset




Advising on the preparation, implementation and continuation of an Agile transformation

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Achieve together a shared understanding about the role of the agile coach.

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Training and support of Scrum Masters, Product owners, Agile Leaders, Agile coaches.

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Agile transformation seems to be the most common organizational change. Companies of all sizes and industries are doing themselves a tremendous service by carefully implementing change using a proven iterative change model.

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Purpose of the game: The idea of ​​LEGO Scrum City is to learn the Agile Mindset and the Scrum ceremonies and its roles. The game is best for completing a Scrum training, but you can also run it as an independent workshop.

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ScrumTale is designed to teach the Scrum framework. It improves the learning experience by simulating the Agile product delivery while experiencing all Agile principles.

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ICAgile Certified Professional - Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT)

ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)

ICAgile Certified Professional in Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT)

Professional scrum master (PSM I)

Professional product owner (PSPO I)

Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I)

Leading SAFE 4.5

Agile marketing fundamentals certificate

Prince2 Foundation


  • 4/05/2020 00:57

Changing the way of working in a medium to large organization, including its customs and culture, is difficult but by no means impossible. But keep in mind that you are still dealing with people who all come from different backgrounds with different experiences.

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  • 4/05/2020 00:56

Prepare this transformation with considerable thaught and openess.

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  • 4/05/2020 00:55

Time-to-market is expected but there is still a difficult cooperation between business and IT as well as internally at both parties.

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  • 4/05/2020 00:54

What does it mean that we perform Scrum, but only the things that are thought to be useful, the so-called Scrum-BUT ...? If you are not willing to adopt the Agile mindset, I simply recommend not starting it, because you will be even worse off than before you started it.

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About me


I studied Criminology at Ghent University, a multi-disciplinary direction, which includes subjects such as psychology, sociology and law. My focus and interest have always been focused on people in all their facets and thereby built up an experience during my career around the interactions between people within projects, organizations and external service providers, as a coach, mentor, project manager or trainer.

Throughout my career, I began to further investigate the underlying reasons that resulted in the failure of projects or programs. This broadened my knowledge and experience regarding the response of the organizations and their corporate culture to rapid changes in the market in order to remain competitive.

My main goals

As a Professional Agile coach my main objective is to ensure that your organization as a whole achieves its own main goals, defines its own system optimizing goals.

Of course an organization can do this by using my experience, guidance and various coaching / training techniques that I can offer, but the ways and solutions found must belong to an organization, not me. I do NOT enter a company to seek glory for personal achievements or to impress you with my individual achievements. I come to help you achieve your personal success and improve your own organizational performance by helping you find your own ways.

My greatest achievement is your complete satisfaction with your own improved performance. Every time I look forward to letting go completely (or reducing the intensity of engagement) when we both agree that your organization has reached a desired level of maturity and autonomy, and no longer rely on my coaching is needed (or can be reduced). My ultimate goal is to coach myself out of the track “


  • Reytstraat 67, 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium
  • BTW BE 0727.926.897