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Erlend Hollebosch - Agile Coach & Senior Scrum Master
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My main goals

As a Professional Agile coach, my main objective is to ensure that your organization as a whole achieves its own main goals. Of course an organization can do this by using my experience, guidance and various coaching / training techniques that I can offer, but the ways and solutions found must belong to an organization, not me.

I do NOT enter a company to seek glory for personal achievements or to impress you with my individual achievements. I come to help you achieve your personal success and improve your own organizational performance by helping you find your own ways.

My greatest achievement is your complete satisfaction with your own improved performance.

Every time I look forward to letting go completely (or reducing the intensity of engagement) when we both agree that your organization has reached a desired level of maturity and autonomy, and no longer rely on my coaching is needed (or can be reduced). My ultimate goal is to coach myself out of the track “


Instead of jumping right into the Agile journey without any good preparation, I would recommend you to ask for advice from an agile coach as myself, who has build up a great expertise in succeeding and learning from failures during an Agile transformation. I will gladly listen to "WHY" you would like to pursuit the Agile journey, what vision you have yourself, which expectations and if the full scope and impact of an Agile Transformation is clear. Afterwards, we can decide about the next steps.

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The EVOLVE Framework for Agile Evolution

I apply a framework because the complexity and sensitivity of an Agile evolution necessitates consulting discipline.

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What is the organisational driver for Agile transformation

Before you jump into the conclusion to run an agile transformation, think very carefully and consider to ask yourself a few questions. I would always advice to verify the organisational and cultural readiness to start the Agile transformation. The need can be high, but if you are not ready, you could negatively damage your organisation and we certainly don't want that to happen.

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Organisational Readiness for Agility

Measure and visualize which organisational components could slow down your Agile transformation. Afterwards you can discuss this within a group what needs to be prioritized and what needs to be tackled first before engaging into an Agile transformation.

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Is your Organisational Culture ready to start the Agile Transformation

Cultural transformation is more than just a phrase. It’s a commitment to shifting a company’s culture so that employees feel like they belong, and they can invest in the long-term success of an organization. And when an employee feels this way, your company wins; workers who feel valued in their positions are 50% more productive than those who don’t.

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Invitation based implementation of the new way of working

Involve your employees in the decision to transform to an Agile way of working. Make sure you get an alignment and it's not a top-down decision. Ask yourself : * How do we convince people to adopt the new ways of working? * How do we get the organization moving in the new direction? * How do we make decisions about how to implement the new way of working

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Self-selection creates great teams

People are happiest and most productive if they can choose what they work on and who they work with

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I am convinced that organisations invest a lot in the agile journey, hence the question about sustainability will be asked a lot : Why is that some organisations grow and thrive on agility while most plateau and lose their agility over time?


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About me

About me

I studied Criminology at Ghent University, a multi-disciplinary direction, which includes subjects such as psychology, sociology and law. My focus and interest have always been focused on people in all their facets and thereby built up an experience during my career around the interactions between people within projects, organizations and external service providers, as a coach, mentor, project manager or trainer.

Throughout my career, I began to investigate further the underlying reasons that resulted in the failure of projects or programs. This broadened my knowledge and experience to participate in removing dysfunctions at organisational level, together with a lean mindset to improve the organisational structure, processes, governance, strategy and people.

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