As a bearer of the SBM III, you demonstrate unparalleled proficiency in Scrumban practices, incorporated evolutionary change and system thinking skills, better equipped to face the business context of an organisation and poised to orchestrate large-scale and intricate projects with dexterity and strategic foresight. This certification is the culmination of a rigorous learning journey, marking you as an elite practitioner with a deep reservoir of knowledge.

Achieving the SBM III signifies that you are not only an expert in Scumban principles but also a seasoned consultant and mentor, equipped to elevate teams and guide enterprises through the complexities of agile transitions with a ScrumBan lens.

In earning the SBM III, you are a leader, a strategist, and a visionary capable of transforming project dynamics with agility and precision. This is the highest echelon of ScrumBan certification, reserved for those who have dedicated themselves to the art and science of ScrumBan, setting you apart in a class of your own.

Certification examination

Embark on a transformative journey with's Professional Scrumban Certifications – a testament to true mastery and understanding, not just participation.
Scrumban.aademy distinguishes the exceptional from the ordinary by requiring aspirants to demonstrate profound knowledge and understanding through a rigorous certification examination.

Whether you've experienced the rich learning tapestry of a class or are a self-motivated learner, the pathway to certification is open to you. Opting for the class isn't just an educational excursion; it's an investment that comes bundled with a complimentary attempt at the coveted certification, elevating your learning to immediate practical validation.

Personal growth
At, the sanctity of the certification journey is paramount. Aligning with our Standard of Conduct is a pledge you make when you embark on this path, ensuring the honour and esteem of your professional benchmark remain inviolable. In the spirit of integrity and continuous personal growth, I provide you with a detailed analysis of your strengths across various Professional Scrumban Competencies post-assessment, instead of merely highlighting the questions tackled correctly. This nuanced feedback is designed to chart your individual path of professional development and mastery.

I invite you to discover the difference – where certifications are earned, knowledge is revered, and your professional growth is our mission. Explore what sets us apart and how we celebrate the journey of Scrumban mastery with a community of discerning professionals who choose substance over ceremony.

Go for the certification or take a training first

  • Assessment Outcomes: Candidates will receive a result of either 'Pass' or 'Did Not Pass'.
  • Evaluation Process: The Expert Scrumban practitioner assesses responses using a uniform rubric. 
  • Examination Fee: The cost for each examination attempt is set at € 425 Euro.
  • Allocated Time: 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete the examination.
  • Volume of Questions: The assessment comprises 20 essay-based questions.
  • Response Format: Submissions must be original and typed in real-time.
  • The evaluation process is typically concluded within 3 weeks, with results promptly communicated via email upon completion.
  • Level of Proficiency: The examination is classified as 'Expert' level.
  • Additional Credential: Successful candidates receive a complimentary digital badge.
  • Advised Preparatory Courses: The recommended courses include Professional Scrumban I and Professional Scrumban II.
  • Suggested Prior Certifications: It is advisable to have attained PSB I and PSB II certifications.
  • Password Validity: Access codes are permanently valid up to the point of use and are restricted to a single use.
  • Certification Tenure: The certification is granted for life, with no requirement for an annual renewal fee.