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Hey Scrum Warriors! Are you ready for a day that's going to supercharge your Scrum game? Buckle up because we've got a rollercoaster ride of solutions, insights, and real talk coming your way!

  • Date: 02/11/2023 08:30 - 04/11/2023 17:30
  • Location Online Event


📅 Workshop 3 : Dealing with dependencies

08:30  - 09:00 : Early Bird Gets the Scrum!

Welcome, coffee, and a quick overview of the action-packed day ahead.

09:00  - 09:45 : Tackling Overlapping Responsibilities

Get ready to draw the lines and find out how clear boundaries can make co-existing a breeze for multiple Scrum teams.

10:00  - 10:45 : Sync or Sink: Mastering Team Synchronization

Discover the art of Scrum of Scrums and how periodic sync-ups can keep everyone on the same page.

11:00  - 11:30 : Coffee and Network Frenzy!

Let's caffeinate and collaborate!

11:30  - 12:15 : Prioritize Like a Pro: Navigating Priority Conflicts

Learn how an overarching Product Owner or a PO team can keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

12:15  - 13:00 : Lunchtime Goodies

Nom-nom and network!

13:00  - 14:00 : Break Those Information Silos!

Open the gates! Discuss why transparent communication channels are more important than ever.

14:15 - 15:00 : Resource Tightrope: Balancing Limited Resources

 Discuss how organizational-level resource planning can keep multiple teams sailing smoothly.

15:15  - 16:00 : Streamlining Scrum: One Process to Rule Them All

Unveil the secret to a harmonious Scrum universe through organization-wide standards.

16:15  - 17:00 : Technology and Teamwork: A Match Made in Heaven

Find out how a tech roadmap can be your GPS in the maze of different technologies and versions.

17:00  - 17:30 : The Grand Finale: Pulling it All Together

Recap the day’s lessons, share takeaways, and get pumped for applying all these cool ideas to your Scrum adventures.