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Hey there, Agile enthusiasts! Are you tired of tangled backlogs, murky user stories, and priorities that flip-flop more than a pancake on a griddle? Well, get ready to revolutionize your Scrum game with our jaw-dropping workshop: "Mastering the Art of Product Backlog Management!"

  • Date: 07/09/2023 08:30 - 08/09/2023 17:30
  • Location Online Event


📅 Workshop 2 : Product Backlog Management

9:00  - 9:30 : Welcome and Intro

Meet and Greet! A quick lowdown on what to expect from this game-changing day.

9:30  - 10:15 : Clearing the Fog around User Stories

Learn how to bring clarity to those mysterious and incomplete user stories by implementing a structured "Definition of Ready."

10:30  - 11:15 : Priority Magic with MoSCoW

Discover the MoSCoW technique (Must-haves, Should-haves, Could-haves, Won't-haves) for prioritizing like a pro and keeping your eyes on the prize!

11:30  - 12:15 : Size Matters: Tackling the Mammoth Backlog

Is your backlog a beast? Get hands-on experience with regular grooming sessions led by the Product Owner.

12:15  - 13:00 : Lunch Break

Refuel and network with your fellow Scrum enthusiasts!

13:00  - 13:45 : Technical Debt: Paying it Forward

Understand the risks of ignoring technical debt and how to allocate time for refactoring during sprint planning.

14:00  - 14:45 : Setting the Gold Standard with Acceptance Criteria

How to define specific and measurable acceptance criteria for each user story to steer your development team in the right direction.

15:00  - 15:45 : Staying Steady in a Sea of Changes

Learn how a well-defined "Definition of Ready" and "Definition of Done" can shield you from scope creep and keep your focus laser-sharp.

16:00  - 16:45 : Breaking Down Silos with Scrum of Scrums

Discover how synchronizing backlogs between teams can dissolve those pesky silos and create a united front for tackling conflicting backlog items.

16:45  - 16:30 : Wrapping up and Q&A