Myth #4: There are no meetings

Myth #4 suggests that adopting Scrumban means doing away all meetings to focus solely on the work, like coding. However, this is not the case. While Scrumban does not prescribe a set schedule of meetings as Scrum does, it recognizes the importance of communication for effective teamwork. Scrumban teams are empowered to decide the timing and frequency of their meetings to align with their planning, feedback, and continuous improvement needs. Many teams adapt Scrum's meeting framework, utilizing its ceremonies on an as-needed basis rather than at fixed intervals.

Tip: In practice, daily stand-up meetings, or "Daily Scrumbans," are highly valued for providing opportunities for immediate planning and on-the-fly backlog refinement. Even if these sessions sometimes exceed the standard 15-minute timebox, they can eliminate the need for additional meetings throughout the day, streamlining the team's communication and workflow.