LEGO Scrum City

Goal of the game

The idea of LEGO Scrum City is to learn the Agile Mindset and the Scrum ceremonies and its roles. The game is best for completing a Scrum training, but you can also run it as an independent workshop.

To play the game, divide the participants into teams of 4 to 8 people. All teams have the same goal: We build a city together as quickly as possible and best within specifications and budget.

The game is very advanced and requires some preparation time (approx. 3-5 hours).

Specifically, the game focuses on the Scrum roles and ceremonies as follows:

  1. The Product Owner facilitates the game.
  2. Each team chooses its own Scrum Master.
  3. The city is built step by step (sprints).
  4. Product Owner and Scrum Master agree on the overall "Release Planning".
  5. Product owner supplies the wishes of the city (characteristics of buildings, streets, parks, etching.) As user stories.
  6. Each team performs a Sprint Planning for each iteration.
  7. Sprint Review after each iteration / sprint: each team resp. his Scrum Master, the Product Owner demonstrates their deliveries ("Sprint Demo"). And the team reflects on their overall performance ("Team Retrospective")


Objectives of the game

Product owner:

  1. Learn to organize a Backlog properly, prioritizing what is more important first.
  2. Learn to measure team speed and make decisions based on that, and re-prioritize the Product Backlog.
  3. Learn to negotiate with the team about acceptance criteria and the product to be delivered.


  1. Experience self-organization and pressure from the time box.
  2. Learn to communicate aimed at the sprint goal.
  3. Learn how to plan and organize tasks during a sprint.
  4. Learn to estimate quickly and accurately based on experience.
  5. Learn to measure performance and improvements.
  6. Learn to deal with unexpected events.

Scrum Master:

  1. Learn to moderate the meetings.
  2. Learn to mediate between the team and the Product Owner.
  3. Learn to deal with obstacles.
  4. Learn to coach and propose improvements to the team.

 Time to play: 3 - 6 hours.