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Join us for Workshop 1: "Transparency, Focus, and Predictability," where you'll master key Scrumban principles to enhance project clarity, prioritize with precision, and deliver with confidence. This condensed session, based on Ajay Reddy's "The Scrumban [R]Evolution," promises to equip you with the tools to revolutionize your Agile practice in an interactive, high-impact online environment.

  • Date: 30/08/2023 20:30 - 30/08/2023 17:30
  • Location Online Event



9:00  - 9:30 : Welcome Kick-off!

A warm welcome, plus a sneak peek of the Scrum-tastic journey ahead. Coffee, anyone?

9:30  - 10:15 : Transparency 101: Building Castles, Not Houses

We will explore the mechanisms that Scrumban introduces to bring about visibility into the workflow, enabling better decision-making and alignment across all levels of the organization. Participants will learn how to create and utilize Scrumban boards and metrics to ensure that every team member has a clear understanding of project status and potential blockers.

10:30  - 11:15 : Be the Focus Maestro

The workshop will cover strategies for maintaining team focus, prioritizing tasks, and managing work-in-progress (WIP) limits. We will emphasize how Scrumban facilitates a concentrated effort on the most value-generating activities, helping to avoid the pitfalls of multitasking and context-switching.

11:30  - 11:45 : Coffee Break & Networking

Grab a cuppa, stretch your legs, and network with fellow Scrum aficionados!

12:00  - 12:45 : Lunch & Mingle

Tuck into some delicious grub while you chat about all things Scrum with your new besties!

13:00  - 13:45 : Predictability: The Crystal Ball of Scrum

You will gain insights into establishing a reliable flow of work, allowing for accurate forecasting and delivery predictability. This segment of the workshop will highlight how consistent processes and continuous improvement lead to a more predictable output, which is crucial for stakeholder satisfaction and strategic planning.

14:00  - 15:45 : The Golden Trifecta: Putting It All Together

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Learn how to blend Transparency, Focus, and Predictability into a harmonious melody of Scrum success.

16:00  - 16:45 : Q&A: Your Burning Questions Answered

Bring your most pressing questions, and let's get them answered! The floor is yours.

17:00  - 17:30 : Wrap-up & Cheers to Your Scrum Journey!

Let's recap the day's golden nuggets and raise a toast to your future as a Scrum Master par excellence!

Throughout the workshop, you will engage in practical exercises, real-world case studies, and discussions that put theory into action. By the end of this session, you will have a solid grasp of how to leverage the principles of Transparency, Focus, and Predictability to drive Scrum and Kanban practices to new heights of productivity and innovation.

Join us for this enlightening journey to transform your Agile practice with the power of Scrumban.