As a certified Professional Problem Solver, you stand ready to tackle the quintessential challenges that Scrum teams globally contend with:
  1. Overcoming the rigidity of traditional mindsets and embracing the flexibility essential for Scrum's success.
  2. Navigating the nuances of team dynamics to foster collaboration and capitalize on diverse strengths.
  3. Balancing the Scrum artifacts with practical application to ensure seamless project flow and delivery.
  4. Addressing the common pitfalls of role confusion and ensuring that each member of the Scrum team is fully leveraged.
  5. Resolving impediments to the Scrum ceremonies that are vital for maintaining rhythm and momentum.
  6. Refining the Backlog to reflect a realistic and prioritized path to product delivery.
  7. Enhancing transparency and communication to avoid the silos that often derail project progress.
  8. Ensuring that the Definition of Done is clear, comprehensive, and adhered to, avoiding technical debt and unfinished work.
Certification examination

Embark on a transformative journey with's Professional Scrumban Certifications – a testament to true mastery and understanding, not just participation.
Scrumban.aademy distinguishes the exceptional from the ordinary by requiring aspirants to demonstrate profound knowledge and understanding through a rigorous certification examination.

Whether you've experienced the rich learning tapestry of a class or are a self-motivated learner, the pathway to certification is open to you. Opting for the class isn't just an educational excursion; it's an investment that comes bundled with a complimentary attempt at the coveted certification, elevating your learning to immediate practical validation.

Personal growth
At, the sanctity of the certification journey is paramount. Aligning with our Standard of Conduct is a pledge you make when you embark on this path, ensuring the honour and esteem of your professional benchmark remain inviolable. In the spirit of integrity and continuous personal growth, I provide you with a detailed analysis of your strengths across various Professional Scrumban Competencies post-assessment, instead of merely highlighting the questions tackled correctly. This nuanced feedback is designed to chart your individual path of professional development and mastery.

I invite you to discover the difference – where certifications are earned, knowledge is revered, and your professional growth is our mission. Explore what sets us apart and how we celebrate the journey of Scrumban mastery with a community of discerning professionals who choose substance over ceremony.

  • Minimum Score for Success: 85%
  • Duration: Limited to 45 minutes
  • Total Queries: 60 items
  • Question Types: Varied, including Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False
  • Examination Fee: Set at 150 Euros for each trial
  • Complimentary Digital Badge Provided
  • Suggested Preparatory Courses: To be determined
  • Sample Evaluation Available: Details forthcoming
  • Access Codes: Perpetually valid until utilized, limited to a single use
  • Perpetual Validation: Certification holds indefinitely, with no fees for yearly renewal