How can you integrate the Agile mindset within your company?

04 May

The topic of the "Agile Mindset" has become increasingly important as organizations often get stuck in "executing Agile". Experienced Agile coaches and consultants have regularly noted that the biggest barrier to transformations is the change in mentality of its employees.

It is fairly easy to train Agile Frameworks such as Scrum and to get people to work in teams. It's even easier to install collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Jira. So that's what a lot of people do, they do the easy things. And then they wonder why the change efforts are not yielding benefits. Worse, in too many cases organizations are struggling even more than they were before attempting the change.

The Agile coach plays a crucial role in this, because this role masters various skills such as trainer, facilitator (to transfer knowledge and skills), coaching and mentoring, as well as helping to promote the Agile mentality and growth).

In addition, I recommend recruiting Agile coaches who incorporate all these above skills so that you do not get stuck in "executing" Agile, but also take the leap towards growing towards an Agile mentality on an organizational level.

If you think that this is the end of the story within your "Agile Journey" this is not correct, because this journey does not end. On the contrary, once this Agile mentality is embedded in the organization you will notice that everyone contributes to the progress, growth and competitiveness of the organization.

How do you get this Agile mindset now?

I think this question consists of 2 sub-questions: "How do you learn new behavior" and "How does this lead to a change in mentality"?

Brief: Through "positive reinforcement" one can ensure that new behavior is adopted and one is convinced. Once taken over, it is realized that there are also more advantages for the person himself. Agile leaders and coaches play an important role in this.


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